Research Highlights

Nanogenerator made by Z.L. Wang and Jinhui Song.

ZnO nanohelix made by Puxian Gao.

TiO2 Nanobowl arrays made by Xudong Wang.

Crystal orientation-ordered ZnS nanowire bundles made by Daniel Moore.

Deformation-free single-crystal nanohelixes of polar nanowires made by Rusen Yang.

ZnO nanopropellor arrays made by Puxian Gao.

Piezoelectric single crystal nanobows made by William Hughes.

Hexagonal-patterned and aligned ZnO nanorods made by Xudong Wang.

Single crystal CdSe nanosaws made by Chris Ma.

Single crystal ZnO nanorings made by Xiangyang Kong.

Spontaneous polarization-induced nanosprings of piezoelectric nanobelts made by Xiangyang Kong.