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Nanogenerators for Self-powered Devices and Systems

Triboelectric Nanogenerators

by Zhong Lin Wang

ISBN 978-3-319-40038-9
School of Materials Science and Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA USA
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This book introduces an innovative and high-efficiency technology for mechanical energy harvesting. The book covers the history and development of triboelectric nanogenerators, basic structures, working principles, performance characterization, and potential applications. It is divided into three parts: Part A illustrates the fundamental working modes of triboelectric nanogenerators with their prototype structures and theoretical analysis; Part B and Part C introduce two categories of applications, namely self-powered systems and self-powered active sensors. The book will be an ideal guide to scientists and engineers beginning to study triboelectric nanogenerators or wishing to deepen their knowledge of the field. Readers will be able to place the technical details about this technology in context, and acquire the necessary skills to reproduce the experimental setups for fabrication and measurement.

Table of Contents

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