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Zhou Li

Zhou Li

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  • Master of science in Biomedical Engineering, Peking University, China,2004-2006.
  • Bachelor of Medicine in Clinical Medicine, Wuhan University, China, 1999-2004.

Research Area

  • Synthesis and fabrication novel nanodevices.
  • Applications of nanogenerators in biomedical engineering.
  • Nanotechnology based devices for cancer and diseases diagnosis.


  1. "Quantifying the Traction Force of a Single Cell by Aligned Silicon Nanowire Array", Z. Li, J.H. Song, G. Mantini, M.Y. Lu, H. Fang, C. Falconi, L.J. Chen and Z.L. Wang Nano Lett., 2009, 9, 3575-3580.
  2. "Single-Crystal Mesoporous ZnO Thin Films Composed of Nanowalls", X.D. Wang, Y. Ding, Z. Li, J.H. Song and Z.L. Wang J. Phys. Chem. C, 113 (2009) 1791-1794.
  3. "Cellular Level Biocompatibility and Biosafety of ZnO Nanowires", Z. Li, R.S. Yang, M. Yu, F. Bai, C. Li, Z.L. Wang J. Phys. Chem. C., 112 (2009) 20114-20117.
  4. "Rapid photoresponse of single-crystalline selenium nanobelts",A.M. Qin, Z. Li, Y.D. Gu, Y.Z. Liu and Z.L. Wang Solid State Comm., 148 (2008) 145-147.
  5. "Enhancing the photon- and gas-sensing properties of a single SnO2 nanowire based nanodevice by nanoparticle surface functionalization", Q. Kuang, C.S. Lao, Z. Li, Z.X. Xie, L.S. Zheng and Z.L. Wang J. Phys. Chem. C., 112,(30), 11539-11544, 2008.

Research Highlights

Honors & Awards

  • 2006 Guanghua scholarship of Peking University Pacemaker of outstanding student award
  • 2003 First-class scholarship of Wuhan University Outstanding student award
  • 2002 Second-class scholarship of Wuhan University
  • 2001 First-class scholarship of Wuhan University Outstanding student award