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Christopher Ma

Christopher Ma

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Office: 277C IPST Building
Telephone: N/A
Fax: 404-894-9140
Mailing Address: School of Materials Science and Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
771 Ferst Dr. N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30332
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  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Research Area

  • Synthesis and characterization of II-VI semiconducting nanobelts
  • Synthesis, alignment, and doping of nanostructures
  • Growth and development of novel nanostructures
  • Functionalization of nanostructures


  1. "Road Map for the Controlled Synthesis of CdSe Nanowires, Nanobelts, and Nanosaws—A Step Towards Nanomanufacturing", C. Ma and Z. L. Wang, Adv. Mater. 17 (2005) 1-6.
  2. "Nanobelt and nanosaw structures of II-VI semiconductors", C. Ma, D. Moore, Y. Ding, J. Li and Z. L. Wang, Int. J. Nanotechnology 1 (2004) 431-451.
  3. "Self-Catalysis and Phase Transformation in the Formation of CdSe Nanosaws", Yong Ding, C. Ma and Zhong L. Wang, Adv. Mater., 16 (2004) 1740-1743.
  4. "Single-Crystal CdSe Nanosaws", C. Ma, Y. Ding, D. Moore, X. D. Wang and Z.L. Wang, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 126 (2004) 708-709 (featured by Nature 427 (2004) 497).
  5. "Wurtzite ZnS nanosaws produced by polar surfaces", D. F. Moore, C. Ronning, C. Ma, and Z. L. Wang, Chem. Phys. Letts., 385 (2004) 8-11.
  6. "Patterned Aluminum Nanowires Produced by electron beam at the surface of AlF3 Single Crystal", C. Ma, Y. Berta, and Z.L. Wang, Solid State Comm., 129 (2004) 681-685.
  7. "Nanobelts, Nanocombs, and Nano-windmills of Wurtzite ZnS", C. Ma, Daniel Moore, Jing Li, and Zhong L. Wang, Adv. Mater. 15 (2003) 228-231.
  8. "Measuring the Aspect Ratios of ZnO Nanobelts", Yolande Berta, C. Ma, Zhong L. Wang, Micron, 33 (2002) 687-691.
  9. "Molten Gallium as A Catalyst for the Large-Scale Growth of Highly Aligned Silica Nanowires", Z.W. Pan, Z.R. Dai, C. Ma and Z.L. Wang, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 124 (2002) 1817-1822.

Research Highlights

  • Successful synthesis of ZnS and CdSe nanobelts.

Honors & Awards

  • School of Materials Science and Engineering Advanced Publication Award (2005)
  • Awarded MDI Fellowship 2001-02