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Papers in 2001

Papers in 2001

  1. "Mechanical and electrostatic properties of carbon nanotubes and nanowires", Z.L. Wang, R.P. Gao, P. Ponchara, W.A. de Heer, Z.R. Dai, Z.W. Pan ZW, Materials Science & Engineering C-Biomimetic And Supramolecular Systems 16 (2001) 3-10.
  2. "The Crystal Structure and Growth Direction of Cu2S Nanowire Arrays Fabricated on Copper Surface", Suhua Wang and Shihe Yang, Zurong Dai and Zhong L. Wang, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 3 (2001) 3750-3753.
  3. "Self-assembled quantum dot transformations via anion exchange", Jeng-Jung Shen, April. S. Brown, Yongqian Wang, and Zhong L. Wang, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 19, (2001) 1463-1466.
  4. "Nano-scale Mechanics of Nanotubes, Nanowires and Nanobelts", Z. L. Wang, R. P. Gao, Z. W. Pan and Z. R. Dai, Adv. Eng. Mater., 3, (2001) 657-661.
  5. "Nanocrystal Self-assembled Superlattices", Z. L. Wang, Australia J. of Chemistry. 54 (2001) 153-155 +cover.
  6. "Phase Transformation, Coalescence and Twinning of Monodisperse FePt Nanocrystals", Z. R. Dai, Z. L. Wang, and Shouheng Sun, Nano Letters, 1 (2001) 443-447.
  7. "SnOx Nanocrystallites Supported by Silica Nanostructures", J.L. Gole and Z.L. Wang, Nano Letters, 1 (2001) 449-451.
  8. "Size controlled synthesis of gold nanoparticles using photochemically prepared seed particles", Tapan K. Sau, Anjali Pal, N. R. Jana, Z. L. Wang and Tarasankar Pal, J. of Nanoparticle Research, 3 (2001) 257-261.
  9. "Nanobelts of semiconducting oxides", Z.W. Pan, Z.R. Dai and Z.L. Wang, Science, 291 (2001) 1947-1949.
  10. "Temperature controlled growth of silicon-based nanostructures by thermal evaporation of SiO powders", Z.W. Pan, Z.R. Dai, L. Xu, S.T. Lee and Z.L. Wang, J. Phys. Chem. B, 105 (2001) 2507-2514.
  11. "Work Function at the Tips of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes", Ruiping Gao, Zhengwei Pan and Zhong L. Wang, Appl. Phys. Letts., 78 (2001) 1757-1759.
  12. "A comparative study of surface reconstruction of wurtzite GaN on (0001) sapphire by RF plasma-assisted moleclar beam epitaxy", K.K. Lee, W.A. Doolittle, T.H. Kim, A.S. Brown, G.S. May, S.R. Stock, Z.R. Dai and Z.L. Wang, J. of Crystal Growth, 231 (2001) 8-16.
  13. "Ultra-long Single Crystalline Nanoribbon of Tin Oxide", Z.R. Dai, Z.W. Pan, Z.L. Wang, Solid State Comm., 118 (2001) 351-354.
  14. "A new approach towards property nanomeasuremnts using in-situ TEM", Z.L. Wang, P. Poncharal, W. de Heer and R.P. Gao, MRS Symp. Proc. 589 (2001) 217-222.
  15. "Characterization of AlGaN/GaN structures on various substrates grown by RF-plasma MBE", Sangbeom Kang, W. Alan Doolittle, Stuart R. Stock, April S. Brown, Z. R. Dai and Z. L. Wang, J. Electronic Mater., 30 (2001) 156-161.
  16. "Collective excitations in a single-walled carbon nanotube excited by fast electrons", T. Stockli, J.-M. Bonard, A. Châtelain, Z.L. Wang and P. Stadelmann, Phys. Rev. B, 64 (2001) 115424-1 – 115424-10.
  17. "Nanomechanics of Fiber-like Nanomaterials", Z. L. Wang, J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 17 (2001) 303-305.
  18. "A new Phase in Polycrystalline Magnetoresistive Sr2FeMoO6 Perovskite", M.X. Dai, R.H. Wang, Z.L. Wang, Solid State Comm., 119 (2001) 377-380.
  19. "Interfacial Roughening in Lattice Matched GaInP/GaAs Heterostructures", Y.Q. Wang, Z.L. Wang, T. Brown, A. Brown and G. May, Thin Solid Films, 397 (2001) 162-169.
  20. "Magnetic properties of Fe nanoparticles trapped at the tips of the aligned carbon nanotubes", X.X. Zhang, Shaoming Huang, Liming Dai, Ruiping Gao and Zhong L. Wang, J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 231 (2001) 9-12.
  21. "Seed Mediated Growth: A Powerful Way For Size Control In Nanoparticle Synthesis", Nikhil R Jana, Kaushik Mallick, Z. L. Wang and Tarasankar Pal, J. Photoch Photobio A 140 (2001) 75-80.
  22. "Carrier Confinement in Clusters of NiO", V.V. Volkov, Z.L. Wang, J.P. Wang and B.S. Zou, Chem. Phys. Lett., 337 (2001) 117-124.
  23. "Preparation of monodispersed Fe-M0 nanoparticles as the catalyst for CVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes", Y. Li, J. Liu, Y.Q. Wang and Z.L. Wang, Chem. Mater. 13 (2001) 1008-1014.


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